Oil Changes: Why, and How Often?

Most drivers recognize that their oil needs to be changed--however, few understand why, or how to determine the proper frequency in which to get their oil changed. With a variety of terms such as "synthetic" and "additives" thrown around it's easy to get confused or overwhelmed. However, understanding why you need to change your oil, and what you do or don't need is far simpler than most think.

What Does Engine Oil Do?

A well-lubricated engine is a cool engine, and a cool engine is one that functions properly! By reducing friction, and therefore heat, serious issues such as worn out lifters, bearings, or cracked cylinder heads are avoided. Engine oil functions as the lubricant for these parts, while coolant cycles through the block and cylinder head separately to further capture and dissipate the heat created through normal engine function. Over time, the heat produced from normal engine usage will "crack" the oil--a chemical process created by heat over time that breaks down the molecules in the oil, rendering it less efficient at lubricating and becoming dark and sludgy in the process. Engines that are older, or vehicles that run hot or are driven consistently require more frequent oil changes to minimize any damage that could come as a result of a poorly-lubricated engine--such as engine seizure, or metallic shavings found in the spent oil that indicates a worsening issue.

Types of Engine Oil and Frequency

While full synthetic oils boast super lubrication and longevity, selecting the right consistency for your vehicle is essential. Often found in your vehicle handbook or determined by a service technician, the proper standard or synthetic engine oil (based on weather, sometimes) will result in optimized lubrication and can assist in smoother running engines in a variety of weather conditions. Synthetic oils typically last around twice as long in between oil changes than standard oils do, however both must be changed between three to five (standard) or even seven (synthetic) thousand miles to maintain optimal performance.

Stephen AutoMall Centre: Expeditious Oil Service

For your next oil change, visit Stephen AutoMall Centre and let our service technicians do the work for you--giving you peace of mind and getting you back on the road faster. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services, visit our service page and give us a call to make your appointment today!

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