Industry-Defining Innovation: Cadillac's Super Cruise™

While brand such as Tesla dominate the media for innovations surrounding autonomous driving systems, Cadillac silently perfected and released a monumental leap forward in self-driving technology with the introduction of Cadillac Super Cruise™. As opposed to other brands' semi-autonomous systems that require regular tactile input from the driver to continue functioning, Cadillac's system is truly hands-free--provided you keep your eyes on the road, where they should be! With a variety of systems working in conjunction to deliver a safe, reliable autonomous experience, Cadillac's newest technology marks the advent of truly hands-free driving.

Systems Working as One

Incorporating a lake keep assistance system monitored and executed by multiple cameras and sensors around the car, adaptive cruise control to maintain a selectable distance between you and the detected vehicle ahead, and even OnStar® integration with a three-year Super Cruise™ Package, the Super Cruise™ system spares no expense in delivering optimal peace of mind and technological implementation. Further enhanced with the latest technology in precision mapping through utilizing light radar scanning, the Super Cruise™ system functions with ease on many highways and interstates throughout the United States. With over 130,000 miles of freeways mapped thus far, and scan accuracy reaching down to five centimeters, the future of self-driving vehicles is ushered in through the understated entry of Cadillac's Super Cruise™ system.

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