Introducing CADILLAC Super Cruise™! Innovation at its Finest.

We have some incredibly exciting news regarding the prestigious CADILLAC automaker to share with you here at Stephen AutoMall Centre. CADILLAC has recently introduced Super Cruise™ to the industry, which is the world's first true hands-free driving system for the freeway! Before we discuss this incredible development in automotive technology, we'd like to show you Super Cruise™ in action.

We could not be more thrilled that Super Cruise™ will become available on the striking and sophisticated 2018 CADILLAC CT6 sedan model this fall. On top of all of the luxurious and premium amenities that this car already possesses, with Super Cruise™ the 2018 CADILLAC CT6 will offer the additional luxuries of enhanced trust, confidence and peace-of-mind when you go out for a drive.

With safety and innovation at its core, the CADILLAC brand certainly is breaking new ground with their latest advancements in this leading technology. Thanks to a comprehensive network of radar and camera sensors, an advanced GPS system, a state-of-the-art driver alert feature, and precision LiDAR mapping data, the fact of the matter is that Super Cruise™ is simply unlike any other driver assistance system that we have ever seen.

If you are intrigued by Super Cruise™, the 2018 CADILLAC CT6 model, or any new CADILLAC vehicle, you are more than welcome to visit our dealership here in Bristol to learn more. Please call us at (888) 360-3671 or stop by Stephen AutoMall Centre to inquire. You will not be disappointed when you do so.

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