Advantages of Choosing Pre-Owned SUV That You Might Not Have Considered

In general, SUVs tend to suit family life a little better than a sedan, and that's thanks to some added passenger space, ample cargo room, and plenty of steadfast capability for going and doing everything on your list. As most parents know, raising a family is not exactly cheap, so if you're interested in the ideal family vehicle at an affordable price, choosing one of the pre-owned crossovers or SUVs found in our inventory is a sure-fire way to get all the SUV you need at a price that fits into your budget. But saving you money isn't the only advantage to buying a pre-owned vehicle. Here are a few oft-neglected benefits to choosing a used vehicle or a Certified Pre-Owned model over a new one:

Benefits To Buying Used (Other Than Just Price!):

  • Make Your Budget Stretch Further: More than just bearing a lower price than a brand-new SUV, choosing a pre-owned SUV often translates into you getting more bang for your buck. This means you can afford many of the upscale features and tech you want in an SUV when you choose pre-owned—features that might have been prohibited by cost in a new inventory.
  • Save On State Registration: Most folks focus on the upfront cost-savings a used vehicle brings, but few people talk about the downstream. When you register your vehicle, you have to pay a registration fee, which is based in part on the cost of the transaction. The lower your transaction cost, the lower your state registration will be.
  • Save On Insurance: In the same vein, insurance rates are also based partially on the overall value of the vehicle being insured, so when you insure a new vehicle, it will often cost you more than if the same driver insured a comparable used vehicle.
  • Reduced Cost of Depreciation: When you buy new, one of the biggest drawbacks is the initial depreciation, which can sometimes be so steep that certain drivers elect for GAP insurance, which covers the difference between the depreciated value of the vehicle and the amount of money still owed on the vehicle. Luckily, used vehicles don't undergo the same big drop the way a new one does, so when you buy used, you can generally skip the GAP insurance safely, and if the time ever comes to sell, you may be able to recoup a larger percentage of your initial investment, too. A win-win.

Our pre-owned inventory makes it easy to sort for just the models you're looking for. Using the categories on the left, sort for the make, year, mileage, price, and more. Once you find a vehicle you like, you can set a price alert, watch video, compare vehicles, and save a particular favorite to revisit later. Now that you know all about the benefits of buying pre-owned (beyond just the lower price), perhaps it's time to come see us at Stephen AutoMall Centre to check out the gems that await you here in our robust pre-owned inventory.


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