Toyota Brands rank high in recent 2013 Green Car Guide

We at Stephen Automall Centre have always known that one of our preferred automakers, Toyota, is about as green as they come ever since it introduced the Toyota Prius back in '97. But, regardless of the fact that we were already in the know, it is definitely nice to have our own beliefs backed up by objective third parties every once in a while.

Case in point, Automobile Club of Southern California who recently published their annual Green Car Guide of the top eco-friendly vehicles as well as their "best value" scores.

Well, on this list Stephen Automall Centre is incredibly proud to report that six out of the top ten overall green auto vehicles and best value scores were given to the brand we have come to expect to lead the way, Toyota as well as its sub-brand / luxury extension, Scion and Lexus, respectively.

The highest overall score on the Green Car Guide went to the all-new Toyota RAV4 EV: the electric version of Toyota's flagship compact SUV. Next on the list for the automaker was the Lexus GS 450h hybrid luxury sedan which was then followed by the Toyota Highlander Hybrid and Camry Hybrid.

The Automobile Club of So. Cal's Green Car Guide for 2013, covered up to 80 alternative fuel source vehicles including hybrid-, battery electric, low emission-, compressed natural gas powered-, clean diesel - models and other vehicles with great overall fuel economy.

To learn more about the new Toyota vehicles included in the Green Car Guide or about any of the others that we carry, Stephen AutoMall Centre invites you to visit our conveniently located dealership and Toyota service center at 1097 Farmington Ave Route 6 in Bristol, CT.

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